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While coming up with a recommended list of holiday games to purchase last year for couples to enjoy, I came up with the idea of writing a guide for listing female gamer types. I like to help out gamers with their shopping especially if shopping for their lovers or spouses. There aren’t enough guides out there mapping out the latest local or online co-op games  for Couples to read. It doesn’t matter what your sex is, if you want to buy games to play with a female gamer, check out the guide for some specific types and game recommendations.

How To Use This Guide

This guide recommends different genres of games based on popular female gamer types. This is not to be used as an “end all” way to determine what type of gamer your girlfriend/wife is. However, it does have descriptions that may remind you of what type of gamer she is. It’s a helper tool for game shopping. If you are having trouble figuring out what type of co-op games to purchase, please ask her what type of genres she likes to play then use this guide as a helper tool to go shopping with.

Quick F.A.Q.

How often is this guide updated?

A new  guide is released based on every quarter of the year according to the video game industry release schedule. Therefore you’ll see 4 major releases of the guide each year around  Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer quarters with new releases and upcoming releases. Once the new guide is released, it is updated with new recommendations and links to new reviews we make throughout that quarter.

How come you don’t have many newer game systems included nor many genres?

I’m starting the guide with the most popular types and genres as well as the most popular newly released games. I don’t have access to systems including the Nintendo Wii U, PS Vita, and a 3DS at the moment so most game recommendations will be based on what systems I have access to.

What game systems or game platforms do you include with this guide?

Currently, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii U and PC are the most recommended systems. Also included are Steam and Ouya (once we purchase or receive recommendations). For mobile devices, Android and iOS will be included. More systems and platforms will be recommended as time goes on specially for the new consoles arriving in the fall or winter quarters. Other platforms can be suggestions if there are enough requests.

How can I contribute to the guide?

If you want to suggest some games you played as a couple or suggest more female-gamer types, just comment on the post. All comments will be reviewed and replied to.

But I want to help you write the guide.

Then you want to become an author on the blog. I’d appreciate that very much. Fill out a contact form with your request to become an author and I’ll respond with a follow-up.

How can women be classified into one type of gamer?

Even though there are several “types” listed, it doesn’t mean women all fit into one particular category. However, if you know that your girlfriend/wife only likes playing specific genres of games, well then there’s a list of recommended games to choose from.

How do you base your recommendations and descriptions?

The game recommendations are based on whether the game fits into a certain genre of the particular type description written. But first and foremost, all game recommendations are either local co-op, online co-op or both. The recommendations are generally based on our co-op gaming reviews,  my personal taste, or general game releases with co-op game-play. However, we prefer to offer hand-picked recommendations whenever we can which includes accepting feedback from the female gaming community.

To be more clear, if a game fits the general criteria – a co-op game-play and fits into specific genres of female types, then it is recommended. If a game is recommended by my personal taste, then it is branded with ” Personal Favorite” next to it and might include a link to a review.

How did you come up with the female type titles and descriptions?

I am a multi-genre gamer and most of the descriptions came from how I feel when I play the genre or what I have observed. The first version was entirely made up by me. The second version included some feedback suggestions made by the Gamer Girls community on Google+. A list of contributors is made available at the end of the guide.

Quick Stats

Number of Female-Gamer Types: 11

Number of Game Recommendations: ~Coming Soon~

Number of fans requesting the guide: N/A

Number of contributors: ~Coming Soon~

Number of the amount of times this guide was featured on other blogs or news outlets: N/A

Version Log

Version 3 – released 7/2013, edited by @QT

Version 2 – released 3/21/2013, edited by @QT

Version 1 –  released 3/19/2013, edited by @QT

How Version 3 Looks

1. Killshot Hotshot

From customizing their weaponry for an onslaught in battle to choosing a variety of maps to bomb your house with, these Killshot Hotshots aren’t afraid to be armed, dangerous and go beast on some stats. They may love the vast package Call of Duty Elite offers or they just want to pick up a shoot ’em up and play like in Galaga Legions DX.

Game suggestions:

2. Lore Lovers (The Book Was Better)

Geeky Girls Love Sci-Fi Source

Role-Playing has always been apart of the female Psyche. We role-play for our partners when they do something wrong turning ourselves into their mothers. We role-play for our children as a demon (at least that’s what they think of us when they get punished). We even role-play at our jobs being a “mean girl” or the ‘most-hated’ girl. For once, we’d like our role-playing to be more meaningful and fun. The Lore Lovers role-play their hearts away in various situations – hacking n slashing their enemies such as in God of War, dungeon crawling  in Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls, or in tactical RPG like Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea.

Game Suggestions:

3. Adventuress (It’s Dangerous To Go Alone)


Cosplay – Lightning

Sometimes they just want to take a break from all the action to smell and enjoy the roses. Taking a breather from their maiden voyages, adventuress’ want to experience an ambient journey not so demanding – to explore, gather items and puzzle solve. Though most in this genre are single-player games, you’ll find more local co-ops in Adventure  and in Platform games.

Game suggestions:

4. The Platformers (Kingdom Rulers)

Probably one of the first genres ever played in gaming history, platformers never get old and neither will the love for them. These games come in a variety of types and the easiest to play; practically made for women to pounce on especially turtle smashing or rounding up enemies in a run and gun type such as the classic Contra and Metal Slug. But platformers don’t have to be all assault-prone. Cinematic platformers can give you that artistic view you may crave such as Limbo, the first two Oddworld games and Prince of Persia.

Game suggestions:

5. Road Warriors (Not Your Average Female Driver)

Tia Norfleet, the first Black female Nascar driver

Tia Norfleet, the first Black female Nascar driver

Unlike on the real road, some women can rule with a blind fold on their face in vehicle simulators. The new phrase “Women Rule and Dogfights Drag-out” puts a whole new meaning to a sim. If she owns more racing games than you do, she might be addicted to the digital fast lane. The most popular co-op racing is kart, car, and car combat. I am a pro in all of them. “Stay in your lane, I know how to drive!” = Judge Karen

Game suggestions:

6. The Rhythm Hornets (Music Sounds Better with You)


“Music Sounds Better With You” is an actual song by Daft Punk and Stardust. I highly recommend getting this club mix. The hornets float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. They can go easy on you in dance games, but go hard on competitors like it was a street battle. If they were Guitar Hero enthusiasts, don’t bother trying to play them now. They will murder you in guitar rifts. If you have a hornet that can’t dance, no problem. Get your girl to learn some moves from our Spice It Up column.

Game suggestions:

7. Punch Ladies (Less Arguing, More Fighting)

Gina Carano, Thai Fighter

Gina Carano, Thai Fighter

These women love to express their animosity with their everyday life or with you by showing you death moves in fighting games. She may get stuck at the tutorial level, but leave them to do some practice sessions and they will be too good with those finisher moves. Just ask my boyfriend how badly his ego shattered when I spent only 30 minutes learning Marvel vs Capcom 3 move set only to beat him in 4 back-to-back matches. You might have to keep an eye open at night.

Game suggestions:

8. Massive Star Crushers (Mistresses of Their Own Fates)


If you’re a rising star in a MMO, be prepared for these Crushers. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and classes. The hardcore Mistresses take fate into their own hands instead of going with the support class of characters. They are the aggressors and stay hungry.

Game suggestions:

9. The Puzzle Champs (Breaking Bread Is a Luxury)


Do puzzles really challenge your intellect? It depends on what type of puzzle. Brain Challenge helps me increase my logic, memory and problem solving. Did I just admit I need help in logic? If you know your girl loves playing social puzzles like Mystery Case Files, or physics games like Angry Birds, try some games below with her.

Game Suggestions:

10. Master Strategists (Her Mind Is Matter, Not Over)


Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm Kerrigan

If your girl likes to micro manage every part of your life, then she will definitely be into strategy games. Let her strategize her next moves in the recommended games instead of your relationship daily.

Game Suggestions:

11. Maiden Voyagers (Here comes the Hot-Stepper)

Tomb Raider screenshot

They crave suspense. They crave vast environments and spectacular non-stop action. They crave to be stealthy and they crave to be scared. Sounds like a western movie but these maiden voyagers are the ones packing pistols and whiskey bottles on their hips. Too hot to stop and too slow to see. Hot-stepping the open world is what they do.

Game Suggestions:


I’d like to thank the following gamers for their contributions to the prototype/introduction guide version…

The Google+ Community Gamer Girls including:

Cindy Michaud
Amanda Park
Bianca Irving
Carol Cro
Lisa Pendragyn
Joanne Edison-Brown