We are now providing reviews of multi-player games. Please read our policy on reviewing multi-player games or single-player games with multi-player modes.

Note: We review an entire multi-player game and multi-player modes of a single-player game. We do not review the single-player portion of a game.

Since multi-player games and modes require multiple players, the game must be already launched or we are provided playdates to play against a certain group to review the game pre-released.

What we look for in multi-player games

Here are the criterion:

  • Co-op direction, communication and overall feel: The most important of multi-player games are how well the team interacts with each other and how well you can direct them to do something.
  • Enemy detection, AI, and interaction: The second most important thing in MP-games are how well you can detect an enemy, how well the enemy can battle you, and your interaction with them.
  • Modes and Features: Without modes and features, players would be stuck performing the same type of actions on maps. Imagine Call of Duty with one mode, one feature, and one map. Modes and features spice up the gameplay.
    • Map Designs:  Maps have to be very distinct and enjoyable. We judge on the playability of maps, fun level and learning curve.
    • Customizations: customizing characters, levels, weapons, and more have become the norm in modern gaming. We answer the question: How much customization can you achieve in the game?
  • Gameplay: The rundown of playing the game depending on your playing type. This section will include different playing types such as if you like to explore, go gung-ho or do speed-runs.
  • Story:  We interpret the story into a summary for the average non-gamer can understand. Based on the summary, is it engaging enough for your partner or friend to play or will they give you the “I’m so not playing this” stare.
  • Music:  Yay or Nay to the soundtrack. Will it be appreciated by the players?
  • Visuals:  Hopefully the visuals are able to keep couples together playing.
  • Overall satisfaction:  Our final rating of all the criterion included. Is this game fun and epic for a couple or friends to play or will it be used as the precipice for a breakup?


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