Use the following guidelines to: 
  • Request a testing for your beta or alpha game
  • Request a review for your released game
  • Use our network of gamers to sign up for your beta. (We can send out newsletters to subscribers who want to beta test games)


  • We only review multi-player games. Therefore any request must be for multi-player games or have multi-player modes.
  • Any single-player game requests can still be reviewed but only at other entertainment or gaming websites I manage such as The Delightful Critics Club. A full list of other websites I run is coming soon.
  • Not all requests are accepted. We screen for games we are interested in playing.
  • We play any genre.
  • We have the following gaming systems and gaming platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii & Wii U, Nintendo 3DS/2DS, OnLive, Steam, EA’s Origin, PC (Windows), Android Smartphone, iPhone, iPad. Coming Soon: PS Vita, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Steam Machine, Gamestick, Ouya.
  • Operating Systems: Windows 7×64, Windows 7.
  • We are not limited to playing just videogames. We also play board or table-top games, role-playing games, text-based games, visual games, and more. For these types of games: we will provide you a shipping address to send the games and materials; email us instructions on how to play the game if its text-based or visual; or send us money via Paypal to purchase the game at a retail store or online store.
  • When the milestone of 10 games requested and reviewed is reached within a three-month period, a freelance fee will be introduced.
  • If your game is not able to run on our systems or platforms, we will notify you to find a solution or to pass on the request.
  • If we do not receive your board games, tabletop games, text-based instructions, etc.,  or the funds to purchase the games within a 2-week period, we will pass on your request.
  1. Fill out the contact form and choose “Review Our Game” selection from the drop-down under Nature of Request field. Include in the form: a press release of the game or summary of the game and what you think of our website and why you choose us to review your game.
  2. When you receive a response saying we accept your request, you can then email the following: media kit/press kit, links and/or codes to download or play the game, links to beta page, any details about the marketing of the game for beta/alpha testing.
  3. If your game is not playable on a gaming platform or on a computer, and its a board game, table-top, etc., then you’ll be provided with further instructions as mentioned in the guidelines.
  4. Once all communication is cleared, we will start to review the game in a reasonable time of about 1-2 weeks unless stated otherwise. Your review will then be posted up on our site and promoted to our social profiles and network.
  5. An email will be sent notifying you of the published review.