Cutie, the Triple D Gamer has 5 highlighted series:

Gamer Couple: Revealed Series [tagged in blog as these terms: “GCR”, “His”, “Hers”]

  • Gaming Relationships advice column from his and her point of views on various topics.

Professionals with Periods (PwP) Series [tagged as “PWP”]

  • Interviews, Q&A’s and Featured Stories about women professionals that have positions in the video game industry.

Spice it Up with Cutie Series [tagged as “Spice it up”]

  • Advice and tips about how to spice up your sex life with video games

2 can play that game (2CP) Series [tagged as “2CP”]

  • Recommendations of games couples can play. They may be personality-based recommendations or mood-based. For example – If you are an aggressive-nature, try an ambient game or something violent like a FPS or for a perky personality, try a casual platformer game.

Gamer Love Seat (GLS) podcast series [tagged as “GLS”]

  • features Gamer Couple featurettes, GCR highlights, and debates or rants about current news in the gaming industry.

Main Features

  1. News – Multi-player Gaming News and “Game changing” or “ground-breaking” industry news.
    • May also include Game politics but on the light side. News will be in the forms of video, audio or written content.
  2. Reviews – Multi-player games only including co-op online/offline gameplay and network gameplay.
  3. Previews – Multi-player games only. Includes interviews, first impressions, demos and betas.
  4. Featured Experiences – Rants and personal stories.