Author: Vansulis

GCR: Women Being Put Aside For Games – Van’s Version

An article on Gamepro mentioned about a woman (jokingly) tries to sell her husband on Craigslist caught my attention recently. My girlfriend and I had an interesting debate on females bitching to their significant others playing video games. I feel that it does nothing to enhance the relationship between two people if one party feels neglected from the other one’s hobby. There should be some kind of agreement or establishment of a schedule between the two parties how to have gaming time in the relationship! It will not make things easier by saying to your lover, “Pick me or...

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GCR: First Game For Our First Child – Van’s Opinion

My mom bought me a Nintendo system and it came with “Super Mario Bros.” and “Duck Hunt” it was my first system and games as a kid. I learned how to time my jumps, attack enemies and powering up at the expense of always dying and restarting the game. While I may not have understood what exactly was going on in the game, I knew I had to keep going forward till I eventually found the flag. Thinking I beat the game, I end up going to the next level. Eventually I would figure out there is a helluva...

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