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The Triple D Gamer and Founder, Q.T

I like to blog about my passions and what flourishes them. Gaming interests me and what’s important is how much diversity is equally distributed to making games that I can relate to and enjoy. Though I enjoy most games I get to play, I don’t see a heck of a lot of diversity in those games. When’s the last time a Black person had a main role in a AAA title other than in The Walking Dead episodic series, which was technically an indie game?

There aren’t many leading Black female roles in video games (as well as in AAA or A-rated Films). As a matter of fact in the last and current system generation, I don’t think I have ever played a Black female that was default and not customized. Lack of diverse women in video games is a slap in the face towards the more than 45% of all Gamers that are women who play games. I like to point these issues out along with other topics which include sexism, sexual influence on games and vice-versa, gaming-focused relationships, advice for using games as a precursor for sex, lack of knowledge about women gaming professionals, and more vagina-empowered discussions.


I am very blunt about sex so it’s fitting to mix the two genres I favor so much. I love both and I got to have both so why not complement one another by recommending techniques that could be used in the bedroom or to spice up sex lives.

then patients will start calling me Dr. Cutie