Welcome to Cutie, The Triple D Gamer (or QT3D) where Quaisha A. Thornton is Cutie (initials Q.T.) the Triple D Gamer.

How did Cutie Come Up With The Name of the Blog?

At the time, she wore a size 46DDD bra and used that reference for the name of the blog. Recently, she was properly fitting for bras and now wears a size 52G. 

What does she write about and why should I be interested?

Cutie is very comfortable with her sexuality and likes to be around other mature gamers who are comfortable with theirs as well. For those types, she writes about sexually filtered content about video games and what morals and values are we taught about sex through games. When not educating about that subject, she shares her sexual humour.

She researches, interviews and reports about the women in the gaming industry because she highly appreciates their efforts and being in diverse environments. To protect women gamers, Cutie reports sexual harassment workplaces, online gaming communities and platforms, and online networks.

As a new addition to the blog, Cutie and her staff will write about multiplayer gaming news, previews and reviews geared mostly for couples who want to play together online and/or offline. Only games that the staff has personally played or will play will be reviewed and recommended. This means that this section won’t turn into a daily news outlet full with any kind of multiplayer game news and reviews.

Cutie understands that men or women picking games for their girlfriend to play or picking games for both of them to play can be an apocalyptic event so we update a gamer guide every quarter of the year with new games depending on your girlfriend’s gamer type. View the listing of all our gamer guides.

Cutie and Vincent Vansulis as a duo writing team, came up with Gamer Couple: Revealed, a column featuring his and her opinions on certain topics related to being in a gamer relationship and raising children on video games.

For full details of our features, read this page.

What she won’t write about or decrease research and reporting of:

Cutie will try to shy away from Sexism Vs Games because you can’t talk about this topic without bringing up the moral compass of the society(s). It’s a sticking issue especially since most of the gaming community’s loudest mouths are not mature enough to debate that topic.

She also won’t write or promote negativity unless the response to a negative topic is a positive solution. You will never see change if you’re not willing to change yourself. And if I want to be in a positive environment and receive positive conversations and feedback then I have to spread positive thoughts through my content.

What other content does Cutie do?

Through her podcast, Gamer Love Seat (GLS Cast) with co-host Vincent Vansulis, her fiancé, she gives people advice about how to survive in a gamer relationship and share tips and recommendations about games that couples can play.

How can I contribute to QT3D?

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