The new year is here and rearing its horns. It’s the year of the RAM (Chinese Astrology) – a time for success and improvements that matter. I want to be as real as possible with my fans, my regular readers and visitors. I want to show you that I have a big pair of balls and that you would be crazy to not be intimidated by the amount of fucks I could give in 2015.

2014 was a year to test out theories, ideas and to fuck around with content. There wasn’t much of it but we got people coming back for more and that’s always a good thing.


  1. Theory with the most balls goes to….

Content that talked about pornography.

Apparently, the post about my favorite porn website being accessed on the PS4 keeps getting over 500 views a day making the total website views more than 4,000 a week! I believe I should do more of these porn articles. You know, for you of course!

  1. Insights

Expressing Our Views

Writing articles about gaming news that’s focused on exposing misogyny and negative character design garners much distaste from the community as it is. As a woman, I have to be careful how I present my opinions on these subjects without trying to sound like I am the “bad guy” or some “feminazi”. Then again, I’m not about to be a pussy about certain topics. If some people take non-subjective commentary about the industry like a personal attack, they have a mental problem and should be dealt with like a mental patient.

Interactions and Community Management

One of the main reasons I write on this blog is because I love recommending quality entertainment especially when it comes to games, movies and anime. I try to listen to what consumers want and recommend based on interest or their type of personality. However, these same consumers have to interact with me and tell me what they are looking for. It’s a “quid pro quo” situation.

Community is everything when you talk about games. You either have your circle of buddies, online friends or joined groups online. I interact with different types of communities all the time. With that experience, I gained the knowledge on how to manage my websites and forums. I always put this first: You can disagree with an opinion, but RESPECT all who communicates in this community. I build quality and respectable communities and interact with people who know what respect and gratitude are.

Some of my opinion-based articles and videos received comments. I know that I will get several types of comments on individual articles someday but I moderate so that any visitor or regular reader can feel comfortable expressing themselves or viewing the content.

  1. Journey

Like most unknowns in the gaming community, I just wanted to share my opinions about the entertainment I love on a daily basis. It seems I am creative enough to draw attention and now my journey is just beginning where I can really go crazy with my ideas. I want to finalize all my ideas I have for my blog and see how people react to it. This is going to be epic so please, don’t bust my balls before they had time to blossom!

  1. Upcoming Battles

If it means expressing my attitudes towards the industry I love, it also means defending my honor and my views to individuals and/or groups who want to wish me ill-will and harm towards me and my family. I read recent news about some women (more specifically feminists or social justice warriors) expressing their views about the gaming industry and instead of their views being accepted as just their opinions, they are received as marking a big stake that’s being shafted into the hearts of gamers. This is some of what I am up against but I am confident about the less fucks I am giving this year.

This month will be the debut of our podcast GamerLoveSeat. This podcast will be the flagship of the blog and if it’s very popular, we can turn it into a video show as well. I do want our readers/viewers to love this show and provide plenty of feedback.