If there ever was the near perfect gaming community on the go, First for Gamers is it. It’s tailored for gaming conversations and sharing media and no bullshit (although a few of us do bullshit around by Hijacking threads but its all out of love). First for Gamers (F4G) simply is IT for a lot of us. When asked what members love about F4G, this is what they said:


“F!rst is like any other social media website but its more focused on gaming. I have always wanted to find a website like this when I started gaming and [now] I have, x3. This place usually gives me my laughs for the day with the silly comments and this awesome friendly community. In short, its awesome!” – @kommon



“A friendly community with no conflicts. It’s like finding a gaming family, the one I couldn’t have better asked for. I felt so welcomed the day I joined. I made new friends and we got to know each other. *sign* I can’t explain.” – @jignashrdy




“The thing that first got me here was that it was a gaming-related app. What got me to stay was how well the community got along and interacted with each other. I have played games with several people from here such as @ivgam3rivi, @marie490, @brian, @twit, @jinxx, @jignashrdy. I have been involved in plenty of off-forum events with others such as google hangouts or PS4 chat rooms. I have even played with @crazman, @mrm1ster and son, and even @raspustean. Every experience has been awesome and made me glad of the friendships I have formed inside this community.” – @grimlock




“I love the respect on first. The sheer kindness shown on this app towards other people and newcomers. Also, when someone is down or in an accident the community ralies together to say get well soon. I also love the fact how simple the app is to use.” – @twit


You can also find twit co-hosting in Leveling Up podcast




“I’m here for the community. Everyone is easy-going and it’s a very welcoming experience from the start. Places like this are hard to find on the internet these days. #salute to the rest of the first family…good people = good times.” – @lopro311




“From the beginning it seems first had its own culture. That culture being a community that more or less didn’t tolerate trolls. Everyone is more or less nice. When someone would spam or troll, the community basically self moderated or made fun of the troll ’till he/she stopped trying to harass users.

The app’s demographic seems to skew a little young. I’ve been very impressed with the majority of the posters here. It’s nice to see so many people of different ages and from different parts of the world getting along so well.” – @kawika




“When I got this app I wasn’t sure if I would keep it. But now its my favorite app. It’s a safe place for me where I feel less like an outsider and more of a part of a big funny and friendly ass family. First has helped me with my loneliness. And heartache. People are nice and kind and it truly doesn’t matter what kind of gamer you are here, any platform of games is welcome, heavy gamer or mediocre gamer, female or male. It doesn’t matter ’cause here you are a gamer. No other labels. I love it here.” – @lordcupcake




“First has really improved my social skills. When I first joined, is tuck to the lurker side not sure what to say or how to get involved in the conversations. Eventually I felt comfortable enough to start posting threads and interacting with the regualrs I saw. I’ve met some awesome people on here and hope to gain many more friendships along the way. As long as I have my android, jinx isn’t going anywhere. :-p what I love about this app is how friendly all the people are and how easily it is to feel like part of the group. Everyone is so welcoming and have great personalities. I feel like if we knew each other in real life that we would be the craziest group of friends. People would be like “oh there go those meddling bacon crazy kids” and then everyone would just be munching on bacon and whatnot having a grand old-time. Lmao, okay im done. My mind is getting off track. I enjoy you all!!!” – @jinxx




“A few things why I love this community. Personality, friendly, and fun. Tons of gamers here who are open-minded and willing to talk about any and every subject without it being weird. Everyone here knows how to laugh which means everyone here also knows how to smile. Being friendly goes a long way in making new ones and everyone here is friends in some form whether that be outside our homes, or within our consoles and computers. And of course everyone here knows how to have fun.” – @blackdrmario