You may have come to the blog in the last two days only to find out that the website doesn’t look the same anymore. Its SPRING CLEANSING TIME, and I wanted to throw out the old and put in the new. Although our last design wasn’t here that long, I felt the blog needed a better theme to display all our different content including a slider feature.

New Features

Our new blog design features a content slider on the homepage, content areas to display highlighted groups of content, a social icon menu, and some custom widgets such as a tabbed widget.


As time goes on and with a better publishing schedule, the team hopes to fill out the new areas of the homepage with more content in different areas – reviews, previews and some new series content. If you are thinking about joining our team, send us an email using our contact form.

Feedback Questions For Our Readers


  1. What do you think of our new blog design?
  2. How do you like the homepage?
  3. Do you like our content so far?


Enjoy Mother’s Day, Gamers!