My Method of Madness

I trade games I don’t play or ever plan to finish to my local GameStop. I trade obsolete systems for the next generation, no matter the cost because to me it is an investment. I once had a large library of Playstation 2, Nintendo 64 and Super Nintendo games, guides and magazines. However space was limited in my house and most of these items were collecting serious dust. I never really understood keeping games I don’t plan on finishing or playing the updated version the year later.

I can understand to a degree of collecting vintage games because there is a market out there to make money. I could even accept stocking up on games for a rainy day or when you move to a new place to live. I can understand if you actually go back and revisit games from time to time. Sometimes I go back to playing my old Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter or Mario games. But if you are the type to be a kleptomaniac and not play them… I have an issue.

When I say kleptomaniac, I mean those who just stock up and don’t ever touch the games again. Also collecting old systems that have not been touched. They have no more room for new consoles or games, but aren’t willing to part with their collection to take advantage of getting new stuff on sale. They are sitting on a gold mine of serious cash, but refuse to sell for whatever reason.


While I am voicing my opinion, it doesn’t mean I don’t respect those that collect videogames. Who am I to tell a gamer what to game? Who am I to tell a collector how to collect? And it doesn’t mean I won’t understand it. If they are happy, then who cares, right? I do what I do to save money and move on to the next game.