One of the frustrations about being in a gamer relationship is the constant nagging of your partner about selling or trading in your games to get the newest sensations versus keeping the games you haven’t yet finished or haven’t yet started. I am the type of gamer that keeps my ever-growing collection of games filled with games I haven’t touched nor fully completed. Once I do complete or near complete a game, I have no qualms with releasing them back into the wild. I do, however take issue with the fact that I am told to trade in such games to get newer games when chances are I probably won’t have much time to play them either.

To Be…Or Not To Be…Obsessive?

It may be an obsessive behavior or compulsive – to store something I know very well I won’t ever get to again for a long while and let it take up suitable space that something new could occupy. I am fully aware of hoarding symptoms and that I may have a couple. I feel broadened that I have a huge collection of different console and portable system video games. I get to try many genres and platforms of my choosing, never limiting myself to just one type of genre or a system. I just can’t part with something that I am not done with yet.


This behavior and anxiety stemmed from childhood memories of moving around a lot with my mother. Sometimes we had to leave things behind and start all over in a new area of the city. One memory stands out: My mother and father were still fresh from their dissolved marriage and we had to leave my Nintendo Entertainment System with games behind. Instead of my father just holding it until I came to visit, he sold it or it was “stolen” (according to him). From then all, my games would “always be protected”.

I didn’t realize how that incident affected me later in life but it did. I try not to use the age-old excuse of blaming someone else for my current habits, at some point I have to take responsibility. Why not start now with actually playing my games until completion!