“Oh Nintendo, Nintendo!”

Consider this:  A focus group can do wonders.

Nintendo UK named their new female-focused gaming channel “Nintendo Girls Club”. If they had a focus group made up of consistent feminine players (or ‘hardcore gamers’ if you like that term better), I highly doubt they would go along with naming the channel “Nintendo Girls Club“. I am not offended by the new channel, but I am a bit disappointed with the simple labelling and presentation.

Here’s my reasons:

  • The name of the channel – Couldn’t the channel have a cooler name than that?
  • Selective content – some of the content seems to be aimed at younger feminine audience, say pre-teens. Well, why? Shouldn’t this channel aim at feminine gender types of all ages? (I use the term ‘feminine’ to incorporate gender roles not so clearly defined as ‘female’. Yes, I think about others that are different from me but are equally awesome!)
  • Presentation – some of the presentation assumes that because you are a feminine gender, you can’t handle the content without your hand being held. In other words, the hosts talk to you like you were in Kindergarten.
  • Host Selections – I hope they get more feminine gamers that have major experience in hardcore gaming or at least have more experience playing AAA titles. Retro gaming content would be cool too. Notice how I didn’t say “real female gamers”.

I believe as time moves forward, the new channel will get more feedback and can make the necessary changes to appeal to more age groups in the feminine genders so that they can feel they relate to Nintendo products more. It’s all about business at the end of the day. What decisions you make now will affect your sales later. Never go without a focus group!

Check out the Nintendo Girls Club Youtube channel!

Introduction Video:

What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Girls Club channel? Do you think it’s a controversial business move? Do you think its useless and a waste of resources?

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