Timeline of Reaction: I wrote this article on December 15, 2013 prior to Nintendo’s announcements of loss of profits and Nintendo’s rumored new console in development. Apparently I forgot to publish this awesome opinion after uploading it via WordPress Android app.

You can’t talk about one system being a failure without comparing the other systems that release in that generation.

View the video on GameSpot about how they feel the Wii U is a failure:

The Exclusive Games Argument:
There was a tally taken after E3 2013 for which system having the most exclusive games coming out 2013 – 2014. Wii U took that spot having more exclusive games than PS4 and Xbox One combined. All three systems had some games delayed including Watchdogs, the most anticipated game for PS4. Does this mean the Wii U is a failure? Hardly.
The Sales Argument:
There’s a lot to be taken in about sales. you can run a tally of sales per week/month/year, but overall sales and marketing tell a bigger story and that depends on the response of the community/consumers as well as business practices. You can’t blame one side to a failure without blaming the other nor even referencing the competitors in the same fight. So the Wii U sales overall was not predicted to be around 6 Million or more within a certain time period. The PS Vita sold under Wii U and 3DS even after its release. Yet there’s more stories on Wii U being a failure than PS Vita. Wii U is over 4 Million in sales and not even counting the bundles that keep coming out this holiday.
The Hardware Argument:
Nintendo is in their own class. PS3 and Microsoft straight up got their motion controlling tech from Nintendo, a company that video game media outlets and analysts, FIRST, said they were failing. Then gamers got on the bandwagon saying Nintendo was also a failure, yet outsold PS3 and Xbox 360 and has the biggest sales of their software to date on Wii. Remember, the Wii was outsold when it first came out, and so was the Wii U even with all the hate. The Wii U can now play HD games, so developers have no reason to continue to shy away from putting their games on the system. So why do they do? Favoritism and shady business practices. They simply get more money pushing out less innovative games than putting hard work into a quality system that continues to stay quality. Remember the bubble back in the 80s? Who immersed successfully? Nintendo. Whose the best-selling franchises and systems? All Nintendo.
There are arguments that have no valid points because it all points to the industry not wanting to continue developing quality games. And those that do don’t make the big bucks as the less innovation games. The media continues to spew out non-founded facts that are actually opinions and tell the community they are facts causing misinformation and stomping the competition what could be a healthy competition. Then lastly, the media turns gamer against gamer to make more money which has nothing to do with actually bettering the industry with more innovative and quality games.
This needs to stomp and burn slow. These major media outlets need to stop pushing this subjective crap journalism and allowing the industry to get over making crap software and buggy consoles at the same time punishing quality and innovation because they can’t get more money out of it.