Here’s a list of games I am anticipating this year so far:

Driveclub – I love racing games so I’m always on the look out
The Crew – another racing game I can get behind
Watchdogs – Delayed so many times, it must be good. lol. Seriously, I love the sci-fi and technology aspect
Donkey Kong Country Freeze – Donkey Kong franchise is a beast. My last DK game was on SNES
Mario Kart 8 – I need a new Mario Kart. The 3DS version is awesome
plants vs zombies: garden warfare – A Call of Duty spin on Plants vs Zombies looks so epic
qauntum break – Another sci-fi mystery crime to play
bayonetta 2 – Female character kicking ass is a gotta-play title
super smash bros – Fighting games is my second love next to racing games
yoshi’s new island – Yoshi and me go way back
Tales of Zestiria – I never played a Tales game. Let me start with this one
Assault Android Cactus – Recommended to me but don’t know what it’s about
Game of Thrones – I love the HBO TV series

When I think of more titles, I’ll be sure to update this post and you.

What are your highly anticipated games of 2014?