This might turn into a rant but here I go:

Question I get asked all the time: What are you looking forward to this year in gaming?

Every year people ask me that and I always have a set 3-6 games or something to look forward but I realize over the past few years, I haven’t been on point with new releases and that bothered me up until the last few months where I finally admitted that I could care less about anticipations of anything.

If I’m looking at a game and I think I might want to try it, then I’ll write it down in a notepad and save that interest for a rainy day. There’s so many games that come out for so many platforms and I am not particularly picky – I’m always finding something to play. Its to the point where I just look in the “bag of fucks to give” and don’t pick a single one.  

This new reality may have changed the way I position myself within the gaming industry. I still like talking about news, but in a debate rather than reporting. Games Journalism just like regular journalism in new media has fallen dramatically in the quality sector. Like George Carlin would say, “…and nobody seems to notice, and nobody seems to care…”. I look at popular reporting of news and wonder why some people get paid to write about something that could be on a personal blog. Reporting is supposed to be objective and FOR THE PEOPLE SO THAT THE PUBLIC WOULD KNOW THE TRUTH BETWEEN THE LINES. But these days, the truth to people is like bananas going bad. So quick to throw it away instead of making a milkshake and getting good use out of it.

Another reason I don’t like reporting is that it gets boring very quickly. Of course, that may happen to reporters who just aren’t interesting enough to add their own flavor and extra original content. I have my flavor and I thought I wanted to be a news host for a show, but now I think about it, I cringe at that idea because its overrated. The gaming community overexaggerates and the “hottest” developers underwhelm to where I don’t want to do anything that’s common and too familiar. I want to do my own thing even if people won’t get it because at least its straight from the heart, I’m having fun and entertaining. I love this shit so I won’t stop doing what I’m doing.