Along with some life changes in my physical and mental health, I decided to change my approach and tighten up specific topics I will cover on Cutie, The Triple D Gamer blog. Some people might have gotten a bit confused about what exactly I am writing about. They might even have called me a feminist at one point. So I am going to clear up my blog’s features and points of discussions.

My blog will now feature multi-player gaming news, reviews, previews and featured experiences. It’s not limited to multi-player only content, I will also write about ground-breaking industry news and some game politics. The main thing is limiting “sexism in games” topics because that topic is not easy to be debated especially with majority of loud-mouthed gamers not on the level of maturity to discuss these topics that also relates to how women are being portrayed in entertainment around the globe. Therefore I choose to occasionally discuss or just not discuss it at all. For the full listing of my features, click here.

I am keeping it gaming and doing it my way. No more talks of social change, no more listening or conversing with the illogical and irrelevant. I am involving myself with advancing one of my favorite mediums to a higher maturity level and standard that includes variety of new character designs and stories based on more cultured experiences and more understanding of the many players who play the games. I will be the change I want to see – mature, understanding, empathetic, respectful and guiding.

I appreciate all gamers whatever their gender or culture and professionals trying to move the medium forward. I believe that there should be many cultures represented in videogames because in our reality, we are immersed with several hundred cultures around the globe. Just like every culture makes their own movies and gets internationally viewed, games should be internationally played and not just the main North American, UK and Japanese markets. If we all put a drop in the desert, the desert will then become a river, flowing with growth and positivity. We can move the medium forward, it just starts with thoughts that move YOU UPWARD.