In response to some Facebook gaming groups I belong to closing down or setting their privacy settings for the umpteenth time, I wrote this status on my Facebook profile:

Facebook Status Edit: (Typo fixes) Paragraph 4, Line 1:  some *gamers*; ever *made*. Paragraph 4, Line 2: don’t want *them.

In summary, why are these gaming groups closing down? It seems like the atrocity of some popular news outlet communities are leaking into these groups and you see the same problems arise. Is it the internet dumbing down quality or is it the user numbing themselves down to mediocrity? Are these gaming communities reflecting the industry that does not like to change their marketing targets and spoiling generations of gamers that see no reason to change?


If you are a part of some Facebook gaming groups that have recently or in the past come under scrutiny or have been shut down, share your experience in the comments or tweet me @qathornton.