The ‘Sexy’ Culture

Western society thrives on the sexy and erotic whether it’s in music, film, television or literature. But not all of us necessarily want sexy plastered over everything we use or watch to entertain ourselves. Case in point, Metal Gear Solid 5’s creator Hideo Kojima wants to make a female character more ‘sexy’. His idea for this new character model will bring in more business and enjoyment for figurine customers and cosplayers, respectively.

From a business perspective this might be a good idea. From a development perspective, some factors come into play but overall it may not be a good idea in the long run if one of their goals is to improve gaming experiences. Does having a sexier game character even improve gameplay experiences? Let’s agree that sexy is through the eyes of the beholder, therefore you can’t possibly please everyone with certain character models. You would also have to factor in a gamer’s self-esteem when making these appearance designs.

MGSV: The Phantom Pain’s “Quiet” Character

Metal Gear Solid 5’s female sniper in question is based on a Dutch model (Stefanie Joosten) and named “Quiet”. The character’s CG model is wearing a bikini with grunge stockings and an accessory belt.

This character design is wrong for two reasons:

  1. unrealistic in military combat
  2. used as a main outfit for the character

This can be good if it’s a downloadable DLC costume package. But as a main outfit for “Quiet”, you can only think of 2 things due to “having less dialogue” – a baddass tease perfect for S&M fantasies or a woman who has self-esteem issues and makes it up for killing people. I know Metal Gear Solid 5 is rated M but do we have to reinforce the idea that only character beauties garner the most money in sales and not for intelligence? This idea leaks into the psyche of a gamer, both for men and women.

I have high hopes for next-generation consoles and next-gen gaming, but starting out with the same old erotic/sexy character models and dialogue design doesn’t scream new gameplay but old gameplay based on the fantasies of some male audiences. Not all men fantasize about skinny half-naked white women. Agree to add some Black, Latin, Caribbean, African and Asian half-naked women with some full-figured models in the mix. Have some variety.

Do you feel that sexier characters improve gameplay or just sales? What are your thoughts on MGSV’s “Quiet” character design?


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