Just in a few months of immersing myself in the black gaming Youtube community, I have witnessed atrocious behavior and WTF moments. A joke’s a joke but when you’re trying to make something of yourself yet stoop down to levels of sabotaging another’s work just for giggles or for your own ego booster, something is seriously wrong. Don’t think that when you have a vendetta against one person and make videos against that person it won’t affect the entire community. It does and it looks bad on all of us trying to make it.

There’s a handful of Black successful game journalists but that’s just it – only ONE HAND WORTH and not even the whole hand. How come there isn’t more? How come we don’t see our fellow Black people as hosts of popular gaming shows on television or online? How come BET and TVOne doesn’t feature a show about gaming?

I can tell you one observation – UNITY. Unity is one of the most missing features of the Black community in general. So no wonder you see disunity, misrepresentation, miscommunication and sabotaging in the Black Youtube community. If we all have a common goal – to get our work seen and featured in the prestigious gaming events and biggest media outlets, then why go against one another? The gaming industry does not take Black Game Journalists serious. Participating in some of these Facebook groups and youtube comment areas, I wouldn’t take them serious either.

A troll is a troll but when you entertain the troll, guess what you become? A troll enabler. A troll can mess up your whole flow of having a respectful community. Instead of kicking them out, reporting them, etc., some game journalists entertain them. You want to know the difference between White gaming journalists and Black gaming journalists on Youtube? They don’t fight among themselves. They help each other out.

Now I am not saying that there are no Black gaming journalists who help each other out nor are there are no White game journalists who don’t help each other, but for the very few who do help the community, there are, what seems to be 4x the amount who don’t help their fellow journalist and the community. If we want to shape up the gaming community and industry, we must start within ourselves and then help thy neighbor get to where they have to go. We are all in this community together.

Honestly, I am getting sick of seeing the same folks and same websites covering game news and industry events. The industry events barely let newcomers in. It’s as though they have the monopoly. Granted, I still like some of these hosts and some popular media outlets but I want to see other races take the lead.

When diversity is needed, stereotypes come flying in. Just because I am a Black person doesn’t mean I cover games and hip-hop. No offense to anyone who does but I think the gaming industry looks at the few content Black game journalists that are successful and puts them in a bracket. Although, if I was to think smart about it, I could use that stereotype to an advantage. I could come out with covering games and ROCK AND METAL MUSIC. Bet you didn’t see that coming!

Anywho we need to take it serious and to a higher level. Spending your time on people not worth a second of it is not only a disservice to your fans but a disservice to your essence. If you want to be seen serious and ’bout it, then act like a boss and help your people out.

Have your own ideas about how to shape up the Black Gaming Youtube Community? Share them in the comments.