You might be looking at this blog saying to yourself, “Uh…what’s with this new facelift?” Although unplanned, I gave the blog a new outfit. I wanted to choose a new theme for another blog I manage and so I decided to change both blogs at the same time, which is why I am still up at 6:19am, not having gone to sleep since I started 8:45pm messing around with the new themes. I am about to CRASH, but I felt I had to give you a quick update.


Most of the changes done to Cutie, the Triple D Gamer blog is for appearance and design features. Content is staying the same although this theme provides more post types such as more media and social types. I will fully utilize these features.

  • Changed the banner to a custom-made banner. Like it? I did it myself. *Takes a bow*
  • All widgets are now at the footer area, however, I can add widgets to the side, but only for special announcements and polls.
  • Featured Images are shown within the post itself instead of just on the homepage. This means I have to edit some posts having the same featured image.
  • No more posts slider. All latest posts are shown on the homepage. 
  • Responsive Mobile theme in use.

For future changelogs, I will post those similar bullet points and this quick stats:

Changelog #: 1
Version #: 2.0
Modified Date and Author: 5/24/2013 by Quaisha Thornton

If you notice any errors or have some feedback to give, share them in the comments below. Thanks!