I just love gamer-based romances and sharing stories about them. I heard about this one a couple of days ago via Google+ and decided to write about it.

The Love Birds

Marchaka and Michele – Awwwww | Courtesy to Marchaka and games.yahoo.com

Marchaka (Redditor nickname) built a video game from the ground up for his gamer girlfriend to play. The game, which he named Michele’s Quest, after his girlfriend’s name, was a Final Fantasy-style RPG built using VX Ace (priced at $70). It consists of four acts and four final bosses. After a successful act, the player is rewarded with an image showing the location of a real-world key. This key belonged to a chest that was sitting besides the computer Michele was playing on.

However, the chest was just a front. When Michele beat the final boss, an image appeared that said “Turn Around” and Marchaka was kneeling on one knee with a ring and asked her to marry him. And if you are wondering what she said, she said “yes”.

Just building a game for someone you love is automatic kudos. This was just an added bonus. He spent over 160 hours programming Michele’s Quest, initially with little programming experience and took Michele around 4 hours to beat the game. Since this super romantic story went viral, Marchaka made the game available to anyone who wants to play it as it.

Michele's Quest Screenshot 2

Courtesy to Marchaka and This and That | Ripple’s Web



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