Just when I thought the gaming community was coming around for Women gamers, I read this shit: Feminist Frequency – TEDxWomen Talk About Online Harassment & Cyber Mobs

and then I think…”Do I really have the balls to go against these insecure Misogynistic online pricks with my QT3D blog that also discusses sexism and video games or my woman-owned business and brands?” 

Hells Yeah, I do! Because you know what? Unlike those trolls, I actually GET LAID a lot and if it shows women in games getting a lot of SEX too, well I’m so there. I’m a porn-fan and even though most female characters are stereotypical, representing the lifelong fantasies of men and maybe some lesbians, I would agree to equally have my fantasies of men too, such as men being dominated by a woman and kinky stuff like that, since developers want to go down that road anyway. I want equal stories, where WOMEN are on adventures whoring around and are Queens getting laid just as much as the Kings and Princes. I want a woman to be a savage too, that’s what I am deep inside – a savage – lusting after my mate (my only mate that is), dominating and being a man-fucking BOSS. Cause I’m the Boss and I dare let any of those dick-less wannabes say something ’cause they don’t have shit on me.

This is for 2013 and not giving a fuck about what people say about me, I’m going to be ME AND DO ME and speak up for all gamers, from all walks of life and any gender, who have SOMETHING REAL, TRUTHFUL AND INTELLIGENT TO SAY, to change this community for the better.

P.S. to you rude, vile creatures ruining the gaming community and online interactions: just because you’re not getting laid, not getting loved, or never been loved in your life does not give you the flag and an army to control and manipulate sheep into cyber-bullying, terrorizing, and passing your hatred onto people with different opinions other than yours and your group. These good people are trying to do something with their passions and not hurting anyone. Step to the side and let real folks flourish with ambition to try to stomp out plagues of inequality, oppression and hate. Let them March! Go back to the holes you came from, Golems…Golems.