Bryna Dabby of Women in Games being interviewed at the new Game Design campus

You know what I mostly don’t see in popular gaming magazines? Interviews about women in the video game industry. I most certainly see a man in most magazines spilling their guts about their current projects, how they got to their successful point and where they plan to go. As a Black Woman Gamer, I want to see more Black women getting interviews or at least women in the industry. 

There’s plenty of women in the industry but you wouldn’t know that because of the lack of media and press. Heck, there’s even women-based developer studios. So where’s the interviews? Do I need to start an organization that gets the press these women deserve? Well as of now I am going to embark on a journey into interviewing these wondrous women myself and putting their press on my blog for all male gamers to see. Its important for female gamers to rise and join the ranks because a young girl can have someone to look up to just like men have their favorite developers they can look up to when they go to college for Interactive media aka Game Design. 

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