An article on Gamepro mentioned about a woman (jokingly) tries to sell her husband on Craigslist caught my attention recently. My girlfriend and I had an interesting debate on females bitching to their significant others playing video games. I feel that it does nothing to enhance the relationship between two people if one party feels neglected from the other one’s hobby. There should be some kind of agreement or establishment of a schedule between the two parties how to have gaming time in the relationship! It will not make things easier by saying to your lover, “Pick me or the games!” That is complete bollocks and SELFISH to the ultimate degree!

I see guys on facebook posting status like this: “Getting NBA 2k12 looks like my girl gonna be an unhappy for awhile.” Or “Looks like many girlfriends gonna be packing their bags when MW3 comes out.” It does not have to be that way! Girls, who are not gamers, have some serious issues to me. They have nerve to take their boyfriends out shopping (when they don’t want to), see a movie the guy doesn’t want to see (like Twilight?) or bring them over to a female friend’s house (when they just sit there.) They have nerve to make the guy do that, yet he would play a game to entertain himself… not dragging her to play with him (because she is not into them anyway.) The girl becomes jealous over a damn electronic piece of equipment that takes the attention of the dude for a few mere hours of the day! Is that not the concept of being SELFISH?

Why can’t non-female-gamers just try to understand their lover’s hobby of playing a game? Try to play a game both of you can play together? Like playing a dance game like “Just Dance” or racing game like “Mario Kart” or play a fun fighting game like “Street Fighter”? Show her how to play the games and master the techniques! If not, then have her go out shopping with her friends while you play games with the fellas? There can be a co-existence of sports, video games and keep a lady happy at the same time. But both parties have to compromise, put aside those egos and resonate some kind of understanding amongst one another. Relationships could be saved!

I respect and love female-gamers. I have the privilege of knowing many of them in my life because they understand and share similar interest with the fellas. They can come over my house, pick a game and its game on! I can have a serious debate on this game versus that game. I do get the occasional lady that says “Call of Duty ain’t sh*t” and I flip out on them 🙂

No one should have to cut things they enjoy to make someone else happy. No one should hold someone’s favorite hobby hostage. “If you place a thing in the center of your life that lacks the power to nourish. It will poison everything that you are and destroy you.” That is from a musician named Maxi Jazz. I am firm believer of that. No one should should put something or someone that does not add to your overall happiness and enjoying it without limitations.