After reading an article about a woman attempting to sell her husband on Craigslist because of him spending too much time playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, I just shook my head. There’s too many women complaining about how their men put them aside to play video games. Just input some random hobby other than video games and it will be the same thing – insecurities. What about how men have to put up with your habits and hold-ons? 

Obviously hobbies are fun but can be time consuming. Inviting people to join your hobby solves a few problems – lack of support, communication and quality time. However, there’s always someone who doesn’t want to join your hobby or vice versa so you have to suggest something else to do or give the person some time on their own. Some women don’t want their men playing games for long periods of time. Understandable, but what they need to get is that men don’t want them to shop or hang out with their slutty friends for long periods of time. In this case, use time management. Assign allocated time slots for some days. The men can have 3-5 hours of gaming 2-3 days of the week while women get to shop or hang out for the same amount of time. 

Another solution would be to find games to play together, that way you’re spending your quality time or find another hobby outside the home to do together. Instead of punishing your partner for enjoying their hobby, find something YOU can do. I understand that too much time is too much time. In this severe case, sign up for couple therapy. A lot of times, people go through intense and emotional situations and don’t seek therapy for it. Every person NEEDS therapy or counseling. It helps see things clearer and get through things better.

I have created a website that targets Gamers, providing them with therapeutic resources for a better gaming experience. You can use GameYourTherapy to help you. It’s not a professional counseling solution but can give you insights on how gaming can be used as therapy. It also has information about mental health. The website is still new.