My mom bought me a Nintendo system and it came with “Super Mario Bros.” and “Duck Hunt” it was my first system and games as a kid. I learned how to time my jumps, attack enemies and powering up at the expense of always dying and restarting the game. While I may not have understood what exactly was going on in the game, I knew I had to keep going forward till I eventually found the flag. Thinking I beat the game, I end up going to the next level. Eventually I would figure out there is a helluva lot more to the game that I first thought. It made me want to keep playing.


Sonic the Hedgehog was another game I discovered by accident. I was in a record store which had a demo of the Sonic game. I thought of same idea as Mario, just keep going forward till I beat the game. I was playing all three acts of Green Hill Zone and I beat Robotnik (aka Eggman) and the game shut off. I thought I beat it. One day I went over a friend’s house and saw he had a Sega Genesis which I did not own. He had Sonic the Hedgehog game and asked if I beaten it, I said yes. Little did I know there was another zone after Green Hill and lots more to go.


These two games got me into gaming. I would introduce my first child to Mario and Sonic on whichever platform they are on. They are the ones who got it started for me and I would have my first child to do the same. Whether or not he or she shares the same inspiration as me, we would only have to find out. Whether its watching me play or teaching the kid how to play, I would do what I can to make sure he or she would get a chance to experience it on their own.