As a child, my parents introduced me to the first games that would dictate what games I loved and enjoyed for the next few years and possibly my life. After all, a well-rounded gamer is created not born. I was introduced to two games on two systems – Super Mario Bros. NES and Galaga on Atari 7600 followed by the Legend of Zelda and Punch Out! both on NES as well.

I remember playing more platformers, racing, action/adventure and shooter games rather than RPG, fighting, puzzle, and FPS games growing up. Most of my collection now features platformers, racing, action/adventure and RPG so this is why it’s important to shape your child into having the best of all gaming and not just on one system and one type of genre.

Spyro using his signature move – Fire Blast.  

The first game I will introduce to my child is a Spyro game. Activision released Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure with nothing but awesome reviews. Highest rating I have seen is 8.5. I have always loved Spyro games. It’s friendly, funny, challenging and just plain fun. Any kid would have a blast with it, literally.