We all know that women in most countries if not all are looked down upon as an object to be owned, used, violated, beaten and more heinous things. This does not mean most people do or believe that, but it’s a male-dominated world. Women do get chances here and there to shine but are taken as face value.
When it comes to video games, most action-adventure, FPS, or any game with lots of violence have male protagonists. Is it because women are thought not to be so hardcore? Having a baby IS hardcore. If you don’t think so Men, try giving birth. It’s much easier to pick up an AK47 and shoot whatever is in front of you then to give birth. But men don’t think it “looks good”. What is it then? Vaginae are the toughest muscle ever created, and the testicles are the weakest yet men call each other “pussies” to put down one another or call gay men ‘fags’ because they act like women.
Women should have more lead roles in video games, period. The movies Barb Wire, Heavy Metal 2000, Red Sonya, and others with strong women roles are excellent examples of baddasses in heels and guns/swords. Bayonetta was a good game but even when women are given the chance, they are designed to look like Porn Stars. Only the new Lara Croft looks closer to what ‘real’ women look like in an everyday setting.
Women are beautiful. They give birth to babies. Some aren’t so beautiful but that’s just in the eyes of the beholder. Then these babies grow up to be some of the scum of the Earth and disrespectful to women who look like their moms. All because Women aren’t being portrayed as the MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE in media, video games and in culture.
If it has to start with Big Breasted women in games, then let it start there. At least they will have lead roles. Let women go GTA-style on an ex-boyfriend.  Let women SNIPE those sluts trying to take their man from behind their back. Let women save the day in a platformer game like Mario goes after Peach. For once, I wanna see Peach get her fucking dress dirty and save her man. Stop making women too timid and give them some weapons to cause havoc! Look at Metroid. How much balls did she bust?