Within the first 30 minutes of playing Batman: Arkham City, you get to meet and save Catwoman from a world of pain. Her captors are of course criminals that have no home training. You hear the words “bitch” a few times. So, would Catwoman represent the sexism portrayed in the game or is it just being over thought?


Well first of all, upon viewing Catwoman, you can see the skin tight body suit with it zipped down the middle more than enough to see and cop a feel of her breasts. As long as I’ve known the character Catwoman, she has always used her sexuality as an advantage. But she is a woman and should be treated as such. But look at the world she is living in right now. Violence has overtook Gotham and it’s overun with inmates and enemies of Batman – vicious haters of peace and love. So rightfully will you come across sexist pigs and assholes that deserve a quick kick in the groin. 

But maybe the point is why she had to be drawn that way? Well it’s obvious a man created the character, the images and the current 3D model we see before us. Who do you know in real life that looks like that? With perfect breasts and a hourglass shape that uses a whip and meows to get what she wants? Maybe in your dreams but that’s it. 

I can compare this to ladies that work in the porn industry. Females that are in porn scenes are dolled up. They don’t even look like that when they are at home. They sell fantasies. So when women are drawn with perfect bodies to the standards of men, then it’s just being sold based on men fantasies. 

Gamers should have characters they can fantasize about. As a female, I have lots of picks of men to fantasize about in games. Look at Batman’s body of glory. His biceps only are ridiculously huge. You know what else I think is huge? Well I’m not saying…So before people go jumping in a heated argument about how their kids are exposed to such distaste, why not look at MTV first and other reality shows and see what DISTASTE really is and how it’s raising your kids.