I purchased the Resistance 3 PS Move Pack knowing I will have all sorts of fun with it. Accessories really make the game experience better. I should know, I have a Nintendo Wii. Though setting up the PS Move with the Playstation 3 took longer than I though, trying to figure out how to work the Sharp Shooter took even longer. But with plenty of time to spare, I got my first run in with Resistance 3. 

I actually wanted to play with my boyfriend but he didn’t have his PS Controller. He is also fickle with playing my newly purchased games for some reason. Apparently he likes to WATCH me play games especially if I’m moving my body.

You really have to move with the Sharp Shooter. The sharp shooter and PS Move is designed to get that integration feel with the game. That means when you want the character to perry to the left or right, you also have to perry to the left or right. So I was moving all about not noticing my boyfriend getting a hard on. Let’s just say I only played an hour of that game that day. 

He told me that it’s just something about the way I hold the gun and how I reload by cocking the pump-action grip. I did that quite a few times killing Chimeras. I went all hard on ’em. So he went all hard on me. 

Women really should get more enjoyment out of using accessories because men do like a good show. It’s not often they see their girl camping out in FPS games. It turns them all the way on. Therefore I’m really looking forward to getting more FPS and BED action with the Sharp Shooter. Perhaps when I get Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3.